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Oh, the places to go and the things to do!

Lake Ogemaw boasts many fabulous attractions and amenities within the surrounding areas. If you're not kayaking on the lake, or taking a peaceful snooze in the confines of your private lakefront property, you're likely treating yourself and your family to one of the surrounding attractions and places of entertainment. If you're wondering what else Lake Ogemaw has to offer, look no further. We've got all the details on Lake Ogemaw amenities below for you:


A popular Lake Ogemaw amenities include golfing and putt-putt for the family. Lake Ogemaw is the perfect place to take advantage of the beautiful surround country clubs and golf courses.

West Branch Country Club: Founded in 1928, the original founders turned a farmhouse and farmland into a country club and a 9 hole golf course. Now the gathering place for social and recreational activities in the community, the West Branch Country Club boasts the current eighteen hole course. Known for its immaculate course conditions and extraordinary customer service, the course provides exceptionally smooth greens, also known as the “best greens in the state” by many golfers who play here. Click here to go to their website.

The Dream & The Nightmare Golf Course: Considered a jewel in Northern Michigan, The Dream Golf Course, founded in 1997, sits on 312 acres of hardwoods forming one the most spectacular golf courses in Michigan. The course is located along Old 76 just three miles west of downtown West Branch.

The Nightmare Golf Course may have you fooled by its name. However, this course features some of the largest fairways you will find on a golf course. With large undulating greens makes this course an absolute dream for any golfer. The course has a natural beauty due in part because of the rolling Northern Michigan terrain, leaving this a well-manicured course from tee to green. The Nightmare opened in August 2003 and is the sister course to The Dream. Both courses are located just minutes off of Interstate 75. Learn more about The Dream & The Nightmare by visiting their website here.

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Ogemaw Lanes & Lounge: Located in West Branch, Ogemaw Lanes has been reopened for business in 2007 since a fire destroyed the previous building. However, this is the perfect hangout to bowl on those cold and rainy days or to putt-putt with the kiddos for a grand family adventure. Ogemaw Lanes also features the Ogemaw Lounge, a bar, and restaurant to end your day with a great meal. Learn more by clicking here.

Canoe Deliveries & Rentals

Troll's Landing: The definite spot to canoe and camp, Troll's Landing offers rentals, showers and a place to sleep (well, if you've got a tent!). Troll's Landing features the Rifle River, which emerges from a cluster of nearby lakes and small streams. Known for its unique beauty and mystery, the Rifle River Recreation Area is located near the town of Lupton. The river is rich with clear water flowing through pools and riffles and is designated by the Michigan Wild Scenic Natural River. Learn more about Troll's Landing by clicking here.

Sommer Dorf: If you or your family ever looking to rent a summer cottage, Sommer Dorf specializes in private and clean lakeside cottages and canoe rentals. Located in a sandy and private area of Lake Ogemaw, you'll get to experience the lake life like a true Lake Ogemawan.

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Trails, Parks and Outdoor Adventures

It's no mystery that nature and beauty surround Lake Ogemaw. If you're ever in the mood for "let's see where this trail will take us," kinds of adventures, you should check out the surrounding trails and parks that boast hiking as well as skiing for those chilly winter months. Here is a list of trails surrounding the Ogemaw County area. Click here to download their maps.

1. Ambrose Lake Trail
2. Bull Gap Trail
3. Loud Creek Ski & Hiking Trail
4. Ogemaw Hills Pathway
5. Ogemaw Hills Trail
6. Rifle River Multi-use Trail
7. Rifle River Pintail Road
8. Rose City Loops
9. St. Helen Trails

Lake Ogemaw features nearby fair grounds known as the Ogemaw County Fair, where you'll find festivals, fairs, entertainment, and camping. Learn more by clicking here.

The Rifle River State Recreation Park features camping, trails and the perfect scenic views of surrounding lakes, streams, and rivers. Learn more about it by clicking here.

Shopping & Restaurants

Places to Eat:

Great places to get some grub, or experience the perfect fine dining experience. Maybe you're looking for more of an experience? Try a local winery.

Willow Tree Dining
Clear Lake Bar
Lost Creek Sky Ranch
Rose Valley Winery

Places to Shop:
Tanger Outlets
Victorian Downtown